8 crafts to Encourage Your Kids to Give Thanks


A grateful heart is such a beautiful thing. Helping your children take the time to reflect on things they are thankful for is one of the fulfilling duties we have as parents. Here are a few fun crafts to help your little one think of all those blessings in their life!

Thankful Sunflower

p_101485732These could even be added to a flower pot and displayed for all the family to see! Brought to you by Parents.com

Thankful chain



Here’s a fun one to get the whole family involved in! Set out a handful of stripe and markers and the free printable included! Let the family add their link and watch your chain get longer and longer! How far can you make your chain stretch? Brought to you by yours truly. Enjoy!

Thankful Pumpkin

45e7cbf54274dd34fd26f003b0d1f660This one is simple yet so cute! And you probably already have all the supplies needed! Via The Moffatt Girls

Gratefulness Rocks


How fun are these!? There are so many cool ways you can display them too! Maybe work them into your centerpiece or in a garden? I love this craft because the rocks mean it will can stick around far past the Thanksgiving season and will always be a reminder of a fun family memory. Brought to you by TeachKidsArt.net.

Thankful Paper Bag  Book


I’m a big fan of paper bag crafts lately! This one is great because it could really be used to make a plain book! You could give blank books to your child’s at any time and encourage them to create an entire story beaning to end.

turkey puppets


Again- love a good paper bag craft! This is a great project for a group of kids. Encourage them to put on a little puppet show after they are finished to tell you more about all they are thankful for!



This Thanksgiving wreath could double as home decor! I found these foam leaves at Hobby Lobby that are blank on the back side. You could use these to give the wreath a little more finesse fit for your front door!  Use a coat hanger to create the circle frame and a hot glue gun to connect the leaves.  Brought to you by FamilyHoliday.net


Paper Plate Turkey8eabf41956edb8aafe6c8715864daef6

A paper plate, toilet paper roll, empty red balloon, who would have though you could combine all these things to make a turkey?! I love the hand print as the turkey feet too! Via Babble.com

Be sure to check out other Fall crafts like the popsicle stick turkey and the witch, scarecrow and pumpkin!

Happy Crafting!



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