How to Join a Tailwind Tribe


I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz by now. Tailwind is upping their game with Tribes. But what exactly is this new feature? It took quite a bit of searching to find some answers but once I got the basics down and joined a tribe, I quickly saw the benefits!

What is Tailwind Tribes?

Tailwind tribes is alot like a group board on Pinterest. A group of Tailwind users make up a tribe and have a collection of pins they can share with each other. It’s almost like a sisterly pact to share each others stuff if they share yours. This in turn gets everyones material in front of a bigger audience, therefore increasing traffic.

So how does it work?

Simple as pie. While you are scheduling a pin through Tailwind, just simply click the “add to tribes” button. You will be given a list of all your tribes to select from and you material will be added. Now others in the tribe can see it and chose to re-pin it!




So how do I join a tribe?

Tribes is still in the beta phase and isn’t just a little button you can click on your Tailwind Dashboard.  You have to be invited in order to join. I’ve started a new tribe for all my fellow mom bloggers that you are free to join. It will take us some time to get it going but as long as you keep adding your content and re-pinning your fellow tribe members it will be up and running in no time. The benefits of a tribe are quickly seen. I just joined a tribe 3 days ago, added a bit of my content and have already had over 300k impressions! Here is the link to join the tribe! I can’t wait to share your pins!


Pinterest Group Boards 101


Pinterst group boards are one of the fastest ways to get your pins and postings in front of a large audience. If you are just starting out as a blogger, its essential that you find (and join) some group boards that fit your niche. I have a few blog posts that I know have gone viral (10k re-pins and over 46k page views!) thanks to group boards!  So how do you exactly find and join these magical boards?

Finding Group Boards

The best way to find group boards is through pinners and bloggers who are similar to you! If you are searching for a fashion group board to join, simply go to a similar pinners board page and scroll through their boards until you see the little two people emoji next to the board name. Here’s an example:


Joining Group Boards

Once you click on the group board, you will see be able to see who owns it. They are always the first picture in the list of pinners. Like here:


Once you have followed the group owner, send them a quick message asking to please be added. You have to be sure you are following them or else your name will not pop up when they go to add you. If you are a mom blogger looking for your first group board to join, shoot me a message. I would be happy to help you break into the blogging world by adding you to one of mine.

Board Rules

I cannot stress thin enough guys, follow the group board rules. When I was first getting into the swing of blogging and pinning I did a free trial with a Pinterest scheduling tool. I skipped all the “how-to” videos thinking I could figure it out on my own and I ended up scheduling a TON of pins to the same board over a 24 hour span. I ended up getting removed from the board and I had to go with my tail between my legs to the board owner and explain myself. She was nice enough to re-add me and I have been SO cautious since then. As a board member, you want to be part of a board that is well maintained by the owner. The more controlled and clean a group board is,  the more valuable. Followers of the group board may choose to unfollow a board if they feel it is bombarding their feed with the same material over and over. So follow the rules! or else…

What if it isn’t working?

When I first started on this blogging mission, I sent “test” messages to myself and my sister to see if my Pinterest messenger was broken or something? I had sent over 200 messages and I wasn’t hearing much back? Well, be patient. Alot of bloggers have full time jobs, families, and hobbies that may keep them away from Pinterst for a while. Some board owners may no longer be accepting board contributors. There is alot of reasons why you may not hear back or be added, but do not be discouraged. Your efforts will pay off and you will get added! Stick to it!

Are there other ways to get my pins to a larger audience?

Sure are! Tailwind Tribes is a new feature very similar to group board. If you are looking to join on of those, you can read my post on how to here.


The Best FREE WP Plug-Ins


Since I started my blog a month and a half ago, I have found a few plugins that have completely changed the game for me and my little ol’ blog. On top of that, they are FREE. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that. While a majority of these are for appearance purposes, a few have helped optimize security measurements and SEO.


The reason that so many bloggers use a pop up to build their mailing list? Because it works! I went from a single digit subscriber list to triple digits in 13 days! How wonderful is that?! One of the reasons I love Icegram is because of the wide control you have over your readers experience with the pop up. I have mine set to show 20 seconds after they have been on the page. Once they either submit their email address or opt out, they do not see it again. I don’t want my readers leaving my site because of constant and annoying pop up’s and Icegram has proven to be just the right amount of pop. As a side not- you do need the Rainmaker Plug-In as well for Icegram to work properly.

Ad Inserter

If you are set up with Goodle AdSense (which you should be if you are not), you have to get Ad Inserter! Instead of having to go in and manually insert an ad into each article, you can select to have one ad inserted, let say, half way through your post. Ad Inserter does all the work, plus it keeps it consistent.

Content View

When I made the switch over from to, I seemed to have lost the “summary view” for each of my categories. I tried everything I could think of to try to get it back to the old way with no luck. Then I discovered Content View. It basically makes a well organized summary view for each category without having to write the code yourself. It really helped my readers navigate through each category instead of having to scroll through each post. Super each to work and easily customization too!

WordPress SEO by Yoast

As a new blogger, getting traffic to your site is a big priority. But as a new blogger, I don’t know alot about search engines and how be sure I am using them correctly. That’s where this awesome plug-in comes in! It helps you make sure you are publishing content in a way that optimizes traffic through search engines. It even goes so far as to highlight sentences that are not optimal so you can re-write them! It doesn’t get much easier than that!


As mentioned earlier, I have only been blogging for about a month and a half but the idea to losing what little content I have scare the dickens out of me. Updraft is a free back up plug-in that lets you back up your files to a location of your choice. Super easy to use and it gives you so much piece of mind!

As my blogging adventure continues I will be sure to share any new freebies I find! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on them!

What I learned in my first 30 days of blogging


Today marks my one month blogivrsary! Wohoo- cue the champagne toast!  I am still baffled every day at the amazing world of blogging and all there is to learn. I’m a strange mixture of excited/intimidated/intrigued with all there is to soak up. I’m sure I’ll look back at this post in a year and think “man, I thought I had learned a lot back then and I knew nothing!” Needless to say, I’m more passionate and in love with blogging as I was on day one, even more so now! The past 30 days have taught me alot. There’s a long list of things I would do differently a second time around. At the same time, I am pretty happy with some moves I made that have already paid off.

Lesson #1
Take your time getting started, or it will cost you a lot of time later on

When I decided I wanted to start a blog, I huge ground running a little too fast. I knew there was a difference between and but I didn’t take my time to ensure i was setting myself up right with So about two weeks into blogging I had to switch the site over from to This type of technical voodoo was wayyy above my head, but I didn’t want to pay someone to do it for me. So I spent about 2 days researching like crazy and calling BlueHost like 17 times for assistance. I finally got it done and it was well worth the work. I really enjoy being able to personalize even the smallest little thing on the site instead of being stuck with a pre-designed theme. However, if I would have just taken a little extra time to school myself on the difference in the beginning I could have saved myself alot of time and confusion.

By the way- if you are looking to start a blog, go with BlueHost! I cannot say enough great things about them. Not only did they help me so much with the switch, but they have been so helpful with even the smallest issue! The other day I contacted them via online chat and it turns out my issue was technically not something they could help me with since it was a visual issue and not a hosting issue, but the customer service rep was nice enough to do some quick research for me and  suggest a plug-in that fixed the issue! I was so shocked by the above and beyond service! Just go with them- you won’t regret it!

Lesson #2

If you want ads on your page, make sure they are from a reliable source

If you are looking to make some extra cash from your blog- sign up with google AdSense as soon as you have a good amount of content on your blog. It takes longer than they tell you it will take to get approved. It took me almost a month to hear back from them! In the mean time I tried signing up with another ad company  (who I  won’t name) and it was terrible! I told my mom and sister about my blog while I was with them one day and stood over their shoulder as they visited the site for the first time. There were so many pop ups on my mom’s computer that she couldn’t event make it to my page. I was so embarrassed. Not just because my family witnessed this- but all my readers had been experiencing this too! I deleted all the ads from that company that day and decided I would rather not have any ads at all than to have a pop up crazy site! Luckily I was approved for google AdSense just a few days later and was able to choose small, static ads that weren’t popping up and causing chaotic things to happen. Google is dependable- stick with them!

Lesson #3

Interaction will take you far!

Just because you are all alone in your living room on your laptop does not mean you have to be a hermit crab when it comes to interacting with your followers and fellow bloggers! Replying to comments, reaching out to re-pinners and emailing your #WCW blogger will get you far! In one month I have gained 350-ish organic Pinterest followers. That may not seem like much but I got there by reaching out to a huge amount of the people who were re-pinning my pins. I send them a quick thank you message, invite them to my site to see more posts similar to the one they re-pinned and ask them to follow me. I make sure to make every message personal because that is what I would want if I was on the other side of the equation. And of course- I always follow them too! Another great way to increase your presence on social media is through group boards. In order to get added to group board, you have to reach out to the creator of the board. Make this message personal too! I’m sure they get a ton of request so take the time to write a genuine message and always follow them! They are obviously doing something right so take direction from their work. Be sure to respond to all comments too! I get so giddy when I get the comment notification. I love seeing that people a reading what i have written and wanting more insight!

As a side note- I’ve also learned that getting added to group board is easier said than done. In my first month of pinning- I kid you not, I sent over 215 messages to get added to group boards. I have been added to 10. I even sent my sister a test Pinterest message at one point because I was SURE my messenger was broken or something. Now, I am SO grateful for the bloggers that took the time to add me- it has helped tremendously! I know how busy blog life can be and it really was kind of them to do that! Just one of the group boards I was added to had given me over 6,000 re-pins! So if you feel like you are sending endless messages in effort to get added, don’t give up! It only takes one or two good group boards to start boosting your audience! If you are looking to be added to a group board, feel free to check out my group boards I own and if they fit your niche, follow me, send me a message and I’ll add you. I’d love to help you breakout into the blogging world and get your material out there. Also check out my post of Pinterest Group Boards 101.

Lesson #4

Your blog photo can make a HUGE difference!

Obviously because of Pinterest. Pinterest has been the single largest source of traffic to my site since day 1. I personally use Canva because I have been using it for years and am very familiar with it. They also have tons of free photos! I know alot of other bloggers use PicMonkey. Whichever you chose to use, be sure to get really familiar with it before you start cranking out pictures. Do your research too! There are a ton of great blogs out there that give you insiht as to how to make a blog photo that will really grab peoples attention!

I also took some time early on to create a bookmark folder of a few great free stock photo sites. If Canva doesn’t have what I’m looking for, I do a quick search through these and am almost ALWAYS able to find what I am looking for. Future post with links to all websites in the works!

Lesson #5

The hardest lesson of all- be patient

Maybe you are a more patient person than I am, but this was tough. I was so excited to hit that “publish” button every time I was completed with a post just so I could see how many people would  enjoy reading about the things I was so passionately writing about!! I soon found out that quality trumped all.  I learned that the more time I invested in a post to ensure it was well organized and filled with content readers would enjoy, the more successful it was. It may be tempting to just get as much content and new pins out there as possible, but it may lead to  having readers come to your site  once just to be disappointed with the content. You want to build a community of readers who visit your site often because they know it will provide great information they are excited to read! Don’t rush it. I’m still working on this one. It’s a process but I know with a little patience I will get there!