Top 10 baby must haves under $10

Top 10 under 10

If you named off the following 10 items to me one year ago, I would have thought you were speaking a foreign language. Now, I don’t even want to imagine a day without them. These are my top 10, my saving grace,  the calm to by sweet little baby storm.

SwaddleMe Swaddle– $6.66 each

I quickly learned how crucial the swaddle is. pTRU1-21193103enh-z6Our baby would be on the verge of a stage 5 breakdown and the SwaddleMe Original Swaddle  would save the day every time.  I know an average swaddle blanket would have the same effect, but the major plus with these are their ability to stay put. There are two strips of Velcro that not only help you get a good snug swaddle, but it stays put through all those baby wiggles. You can get 3 for only $20 making each one less than $7. Totally worth the convince it brings to the table.

Munchkin The Medicator-$4.57

41nFYr1ykrL__SL250_We discovered around 4 weeks that our baby had a lactose intolerance. In order to help her digest breast milk, we began giving her Colief at the start of each feeding. When her doctor first instructed us to do so, I was immediately overcome with fear of giving a baby medicine. Luckily, I came across this little gem and it made the whole process painless. I simply mix a little expressed breast milk into the pacifier base with the colief mixed in and baby sucked it right down! I plan on keeping this around for any future medicine needs. I discovered they also make one for sippy cups too for when our little one gets past the pacifier days.


Mesh Laundry Bags– $9.00

51oXZlOU7sLOkay, technically these are “lingerie” bags… I’m not wearing much lingerie these days but I sure am washing a lot of baby clothes! One of the biggest reasons I see a need for mesh laundry bags when it comes to baby clothes is VELCRO. All those swaddlers and bibs have lots of Velcro that causes everything to stick together and for perfectly good clothes to end up will pills on them after just one wash. This also helps me keep track of all those itty bitty baby socks.


Mommy’s Bliss Grip Water– $7.99

GRIPEWATER_ORIGINAL_CARTON_BOTTLE-2I had no idea babies struggled so much with gas as infants. As mentioned earlier, lactose intolerance was a hurdle we had to take on early in our baby’s life and so we quickly learned it can make even the sweetest baby (like ours) into a fussy little ball of tears and screams (also like ours). Gripe water was the answer to our late nights filled with fuss. The two main ingredients in Mommy’s Bliss are  organic fennel and ginger extract which are  known to help babies with digestive issues. The night time version has chamomile to help soothe and calm which is always much needed if we have a fussy night. I have been so impressed by the effects of gripe water that I have vowed to always include a bottle in any baby gift I give from here on out. The products hold up to its name- bliss was had my this mama.

The Mommy Hook– $9.99

61nJgH5UxpL__SX522_We conveniently bought a house less than a quarter mile away from an extremely large mall. I was pregnant when we moved to the house and I used to go walk the mall for “exercise” (I was 9 months pregnant in July IN TEXAS, you can’t expect me to walk outside). Now I enjoy taking our little one for walks through the mall and occasionally there are deals that are so economically logic that I cannot pass them up. The bottom of the stroller is usually close to capacity with the diaper bag and walking with bags on your wrist while pushing the stroller can get painful. That’s where these bad boys come in! They are larger than the picture really shows and can hold quite a few bags each. Go ahead and buy the two pack, it will help balance out all those shopping bags filled with the clothes you need.

Gerber Flannel Burp Cloths- $10.99 (close enough!)

A1iqA+HGXUL__UX569_I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth this product made the list, but let me tell you, I LOVE THESE BURP CLOTHES! Through many generous gifts, I think I received about 16 different type of burp cloths and these are the only ones that have stood the test. The biggest reason I love them is they actually ABSORB. A lot of the clothes I received had this waterprrof life texture to them which is great in some cases, but not here. I also love how long they are, it makes it very easy for them to sling over your shoulder and keep it there. You cant tell from the photo, but there is also a thicker layer of padding in the center which makes a great little coushin for babys head on your shoulder. The price is also a plus. I like to strategically place a burp cloth every 3 feet throughout the house and with a price of $10.99 for 4 of them, it doesn’t break the bank. Buy them! Buy LOTS of them

WubbaNub Elephant Pacifier-$13.95

27851641229675pOk I know this one is technically not under $10, but for how much it’s used, the extra $3.95 is totally worth it!!! While my little one sure does lover her pacifier, she hasn’t quite learned how to keep it in her mouth just yet. Usually her spitting it out would result in it falling on the floor but the WubbaNub keep it close by. It also makes it very easy to spot during a desperate search while baby is crying. Plus, she looks super cute when she falls asleep with her arm around it 🙂

Car Seat Sun Shade– $8.95

51BK-OsHm1L_01_SL500_As mentioned earlier, we live in Texas. It’s pretty close to boiling temperatures outside for a majority of the year so I’ve taken a few precautions to make sure baby stays cool. Every once in a while I prefer to carry baby girl in her Baby BJorn and leave the car seat and stroller behind. The Texas heat could heat up her car seat to burning temperatures in a matter of minutes. This sun shade car seat cover keeps the seat super cool so you don’t have to worry about those car seat buckles burning baby!


Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags, 5 Count– $4.99

med-018_2zI worry a lot about a lot of things, but germs is probably up there on the long list. Breast pumps have alot of parts and a lot of knocks and crannies to get clean, meaning there can be some hard to reach places where germs can breed. I discovered these steam bags about a week into heavy pumping and I can confidently say my worries have been calmed. It’s super easy, you just add a little water and the parts, pop them in the microwave then let them air dry. You can use the bag up to 20 times too!

Teddy Bear Phone Case– $4.99

71NGjjsCtQL__SL1400_I really considered not putting this one on the list… but work with me here. You’ve got the cutest baby in the world and grandma and grandpa  are requesting daily photos. There’s no better way to ensure your baby shows off her good side for the paparazzi than with a super bright and fun phone case! You don’t have to keep it on all the time; no one even has to know you have it. Just pop it on when your baby is camera ready and snap away. The sweet smiles you will capture will make grandma and grandma (and mama) very happy!