The Thanksgiving Chain

Share what you are thankful for. Add it to the chain to show how far our familys blessings stretch!.png

Isn’t this a fun way to put in perspective how blessed your family is? We all have so much to be thankful for and this is a great way to encourage the whole family to take the time to reflect on that! This activity could happen on Thanksgiving day or you could even do it as a daily activity for the entire month of November! Your chain would probably stretch around the WHOLE house! Either way, its a beautiful thing to step back and see all the wonderful things taking place in your family! I hope this craft brings your family and home as much joy as it brought to ours.


Here is a free printable  with instructions on how to participate in The Thanksgiving Chain.You could print this out and frame it next to the blank links so family members know the drill!

If you are looking for more Thanksgiving crafts, check out the Thanksgiving book from paper bags, Popsicle stick turkeys and Fall crafts!

Happy crafting!


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