If I Could Repack My Hospital Bag

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It’s probably one of the most important trips you will ever take. The need to be prepared is something that will probably keep you awake in those final days before your little one arrives. You feel like you need so much… but yet you don’t want to be THAT mom that brings an oversized rolling suitcase along with a trunk and 2 carry-ons. Plus the diaper bag. And your purse. Make up bag. I hate to admit it, but I look back and realize I didn’t need half of what I brought, but there are some things I think made the experience so much easier. Then there were some things that I realllllly wished I had thought to bring. Here’s the list.

What I didn’t need

  • Nursing Nightgowns- my mom will probably be really upset when she reads this. She was sweet enough to buy me some really cute night gowns with special slits to make breastfeeding easier. I packed 3 of them in my bag. I did not put them on at all in the hospital. The biggest reason- my IV. It was very difficult to change with all those tubes connected to my arm. I honestly only showered once while I was in the hospital and wore the same thing almost the entire time I was there (more on that in the must have section below). So as cute as they are, they were a waste of space in my bag.
  • Extra clothes for baby- I think I took like 16 outfits for Emmy. I ended up needing two. I took a hat too- not necessary in Texas in July. The only ones I ended up needing were the NB sized outfit and the 3 mo sized outfit. She just barely fit into the NB but I’m happy I had both just in case. I also took a blanket and a pacifier for her. That’s about all we used.
  • My entire make up bag- I basically needed my moisturizer, some CC cream, mascara and under eye concealer. Anything more than that was beyond my energy level. I only put on make up the final day when I knew we were taking pictures. BIG waste of bag space.


What I wish I had

  • Dry Shampoo- Luckily someone brought me some. I took my blow dryer and straightener thinking I would do my hair. Umm no. Take some with you. You don’t want to be looking like a grease ball in all your pictures.
  • My own comfy socks- don’t get me wrong, the ones the hospital gives you are great. But they didn’t stay on my feet very well and I had to keep asking Jay to fix them for me. It was pretty inconvenient.
  • More Pillows- I took two of my own, but I wish I would have brought some for baby daddy. Poor guy is probably still working out that crick in his neck.
  • My own pads- When the time came to finally leave the hospital, I couldn’t wait to be out of my adult diaper. I had bought some heavy duty pads of my own that would have been SO much more comfortable and would have stayed in place alot better. Unfortunately I left them at home knowing the hospital would provide. Had I known how bulky and awkward they would be, I would have packed my own.

What I couldn’t have lived without

  • My chapstick- i think i went through an entire tube in my 4 days at the hospital. My lips got so dry for some reason. Maybe it was all the heavy breathing or 24 hour ice chip diet? Who knows- but I am so happy I had it!
  • Boppy Pillow- Ohhhh what would I have done without it. It sounds strange- but here’s the reason why. My IV tubes. It  was very difficult to hold her with that big plastic thing taped to my arm. I was worried about it being uncomfortable for her and for hurting me. Then  I remembered we had the Boppy in the car and it saved the day!
  • My maxi dress- Moving after having a baby is hard, especially if you have a c-section. I took a maxi dress for my going home outfit and it was a great move. Putting on pants would have been close to impossible, plus it didn’t bring my attention to the fact that I still had a pretty large bump. Definitely pack one if you’ve got it.
  • My robe and nursing bra- remember how I mentioned earlier that I took all those cute night gowns but didn’t even pull them out of my bag? That’s because I stayed in the same thing almost the entire time. I took a few sleep nursing bras with me and my robe and that was my fashionable ensemble for the entire 4 days. I was so comfortable. If I knew we were going to be alone in the room for a while I would just be in my bra in bed. I didn’t care if nurses or doctors came in, I mean they’ve seen just about everything at that point to a full coverage bra is modest at this point. If I knew we were having visitors I would put my robe on and tie it so I was covered up. As for underwear- the hospital provides these super cute, super comfortable disposable panties that you wear the entire time. So don’t over do it on the comfy clothes. Just think of what you would wear if you were stuck in bed for 4 days and just pack that.

If  you’re  worried about needing something you don’t have but don’t want to over pack, pack a “might need” bag and leave it int he car or with a relative who you know is close by and will be coming to the hospital. And even if you forget something major, the hospital always has the necessities. Don’t stress it too much! Happy packing!

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  1. Leigh says:

    Great Post! I am 37 weeks and currently packing my hospital bag. This is some really great information on what i actually NEED to bring to the hospital! Thank you =)

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