Pinterest Group Boards 101


Pinterst group boards are one of the fastest ways to get your pins and postings in front of a large audience. If you are just starting out as a blogger, its essential that you find (and join) some group boards that fit your niche. I have a few blog posts that I know have gone viral (10k re-pins and over 46k page views!) thanks to group boards!  So how do you exactly find and join these magical boards?

Finding Group Boards

The best way to find group boards is through pinners and bloggers who are similar to you! If you are searching for a fashion group board to join, simply go to a similar pinners board page and scroll through their boards until you see the little two people emoji next to the board name. Here’s an example:


Joining Group Boards

Once you click on the group board, you will see be able to see who owns it. They are always the first picture in the list of pinners. Like here:


Once you have followed the group owner, send them a quick message asking to please be added. You have to be sure you are following them or else your name will not pop up when they go to add you. If you are a mom blogger looking for your first group board to join, shoot me a message. I would be happy to help you break into the blogging world by adding you to one of mine.

Board Rules

I cannot stress thin enough guys, follow the group board rules. When I was first getting into the swing of blogging and pinning I did a free trial with a Pinterest scheduling tool. I skipped all the “how-to” videos thinking I could figure it out on my own and I ended up scheduling a TON of pins to the same board over a 24 hour span. I ended up getting removed from the board and I had to go with my tail between my legs to the board owner and explain myself. She was nice enough to re-add me and I have been SO cautious since then. As a board member, you want to be part of a board that is well maintained by the owner. The more controlled and clean a group board is,  the more valuable. Followers of the group board may choose to unfollow a board if they feel it is bombarding their feed with the same material over and over. So follow the rules! or else…

What if it isn’t working?

When I first started on this blogging mission, I sent “test” messages to myself and my sister to see if my Pinterest messenger was broken or something? I had sent over 200 messages and I wasn’t hearing much back? Well, be patient. Alot of bloggers have full time jobs, families, and hobbies that may keep them away from Pinterst for a while. Some board owners may no longer be accepting board contributors. There is alot of reasons why you may not hear back or be added, but do not be discouraged. Your efforts will pay off and you will get added! Stick to it!

Are there other ways to get my pins to a larger audience?

Sure are! Tailwind Tribes is a new feature very similar to group board. If you are looking to join on of those, you can read my post on how to here.